Wearing your baby – the benefits

When you think about wearing your baby or if you’ve seen people doing the same, what is the first thing that pops into your mind in terms of benefits? Possibly things like ease, convenience, and being “hands-free”? And looking cute, of course…;)

The wonderful thing about wearing your baby is that there are so many additional benefits to these more obvious ones – both for you and your babe. During the early weeks and months of a baby’s life, they begin to discover the people around them, learning who is close by, who will take care of them and respond to their needs. During that time, proximity is everything, because in order to respond to baby, one needs to be close enough to see, hear, and therefore interpret what they might need. Wearing your baby keeps them close to you so you can have that insight into where they’re at, and what they might be needing in that moment.

Research shows that babies need to be touched in order to thrive. This can mean carried traditionally, or held or cuddled, but the same effects come from wearing your baby. Wearing your baby is also known to reduce crying, improve sleep (i.e. the length of naps and night time sleeps as well, since we know the more a baby sleeps during the day, the more restful they sleep at night), assist in language development (they can see and hear you talking, therefore are picking up those verbal and communication cues), and in general allow them feel safe and secure. It’s almost as if they subconsciously know their needs will be met since their caregiver is so close to them, so they are more settled as a result.

Not only does being carried have advantages for your baby, the following benefits are more specific to you or the person carrying:

Bonding. Using the wrap allows you to be close to your babe, forming a relationship built on connection and trust. It is also hugely beneficial for the non-birth parent who may not have as many opportunities to bond in the early days.

Comfort. The wrap evenly distributes your baby’s weight across your back and shoulders and since it’s made from beautifully soft fabric, it won’t dig in.

Freedom. It affords you the ability to move freely, to go on walks, visit friends, be available for your older child(ren), and generally be a little more independent (ironic, since you have a baby on you).

Joy. It’s so special to have your baby cuddled so close to you. A feeling incomparable to anything else. I feel that part of this joy comes from having a calmer baby, therefore less stress and more time for you.

We hope you find even more benefits than what we’ve listed here. Please share them with us!