about keep company

We are Renée and Theresa co-founders of Keep Company and friends who happened to have our first babies a few months apart. As new parents we quickly fell in love with babywearing. We recognized the security being in a wrap provided our babies and the value of having them close as well as the freedom it gave us to be outdoors, to connect with each other and with our community. We felt passionate about making the highest quality stretchy wrap available, by using only the best fabrics and design, and supporting our local economy by creating something that is Canadian-made start to finish. We are so proud to have succeeded by developing a wrap made from the perfect blend of organic cotton and bamboo knit in Montreal, and sewn here in Vancouver. We've also been experimenting with new colours and hand-dyeing them ourselves.

Since starting, keep company we've expanded our shop to include other products that we found essential for the early months with baby, including our organic belly oil, burp cloths and washcloths. We hope you and your babies love these products as much as we (and our babies) do!

xx Theresa and Renee


"I love my keep company baby wrap! It was absolutely essential for the early months with my little one since it was the only way I could get out on walks with him. He slept so soundly in it and I liked that he was close to me, making both him and I feel secure and cozy. It's also really comfortable compared to the more structured baby carriers I've tried, as I find it distributes his weight evenly so no sore shoulders or back. The fact that it's made locally and with organic cotton is awesome. Thanks keep company!"

- Veronique, Vancouver, BC