about keep company

We’re two mothers and friends who had our babies a few months apart. We were each gifted a wrap and found that we wore our babies all the time. Our days on maternity leave were spent walking with our precious bundles on us. We recognized the security it provided our babies and the value of having them this close. We also noticed the freedom it gave us to be outdoors, to connect with each other and with other friends in our community, and to get from place to place with ease and enjoyment.

So, we started to brainstorm…how could we create a product that had the child, the parent, and the earth in mind? We felt passionate about creating something that is Canadian-made start to finish. We're proud to say that we've succeeded. We have created a product that not only is sewn in Vancouver, our home, but the fabric has been knit (meaning it's turned from yarn into fabric) in Canada as well. We set off on a mission to educate ourselves and to find the makings for a perfect product. We have learned so much about the environmental impact of the garment industry, the dyeing processes, and what that meant for our future customers - you and your babes - who were going to be so close to these wraps. More than 2 years later, here we are - we've landed on a product that we are so proud of. The perfect blend of organic cotton and bamboo is unique to our product, and we chose this because we are committed to providing a product that is not only beautiful and functional, but is also safe and sustainable. We've both recently had second babies and it is so exciting and rewarding to wear them in our own wraps. We hope you love them as much as we (and our babes) do!

xx Theresa and Renee


"I love my keep company baby wrap! It was absolutely essential for the early months with my little one since it was the only way I could get out on walks with him. He slept so soundly in it and I liked that he was close to me, making both him and I feel secure and cozy. It's also really comfortable compared to the more structured baby carriers I've tried, as I find it distributes his weight evenly so no sore shoulders or back. The fact that it's made locally and with organic cotton is awesome. Thanks keep company!"

- Veronique, Vancouver, BC