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Wearing your baby – the benefits

When you think about wearing your baby or if you’ve seen people doing the same, what is the first thing that pops into your mind in terms of benefits? Possibly things like ease, convenience, and being “hands-free”? And looking cute, of course…;) The wonderful thing about wearing your baby is that there are so many additional benefits to these more obvious ones – both for you and your babe. During the early weeks and months of a baby’s life, they begin to discover the people around them, learning who is close by, who will take care of them and respond to their needs. During that time, proximity is everything, because in order to respond to baby, one needs to be...

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babywearing, a father's perspective

With our first baby I always enjoyed being able to wear the carrier because it allowed me to have my hands free so I could do the things I needed to do. It was more about the utility of a functional carrier.  But with our second child, when I tried the baby wrap as opposed to the carrier, it was a very different experience.   A lot of fathers can relate to the challenges of handling a newborn. Personally, I always struggled to connect with our babies because they were so dependent on their mom. After all, my wife provided them with comfort, with food, with sustenance. And for me, I felt almost useless and consequently a little detached. When...

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our ‘why’

  My Why – Theresa Hi! I’m Theresa, co-founder of keep company. Here’s a little bit about me and my journey through motherhood to keep company… When I was pregnant with my first babe, I had a skewed visions of my maternity leave, all the things I would accomplish while caring for my baby. But when my precious bundle arrived, I soon realized that she did not want to be put down. Those first weeks were a mix of extreme happiness, cuddles and bonding as well as frustrations about not being able to do anything because I didn’t want to upset my baby by putting her down. After a couple of weeks we started using a carrier to take out...

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