babywearing, a father's perspective

With our first baby I always enjoyed being able to wear the carrier because it allowed me to have my hands free so I could do the things I needed to do. It was more about the utility of a functional carrier.  But with our second child, when I tried the baby wrap as opposed to the carrier, it was a very different experience.  

A lot of fathers can relate to the challenges of handling a newborn. Personally, I always struggled to connect with our babies because they were so dependent on their mom. After all, my wife provided them with comfort, with food, with sustenance. And for me, I felt almost useless and consequently a little detached.

When I put on the wrap however, It has the same functional utility of the carrier but I feel a very strong connection with our baby. It is a really special experience to have our baby so close to me, wrapped around my body almost feeling like she is a part of me. It’s hard to describe but it is a bonding experience and I feel like I am really providing something special to my daughter when otherwise I might not have.