organic baby wrap for kids
organic baby wrap for kids

little wrap

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The keep company little wrap is the perfect gift for a toddler or young child who is expecting a new sibling. Using their wrap, they will be able to carry around their stuffed animal or doll just as their parent carries their new baby sister or brother. As learners who love to do as grownups do, they will love watching their parent wear and take care of baby while wearing and taking care of their own 'baby'.

Like all our wraps, these play carriers are designed with your littles and the earth in mind, using earth-friendly dyes and a unique blend of organic cotton and bamboo, making them cozy and safe.

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size: One size fits most young ones (2-5yrs). The wrap can be tied looser or tighter, depending on the size of the child (and the stuffy!)

contents: 30% organic cotton, 70% bamboo.

care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low.